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Piano Lessons Sherman Oaks
Piano Lessons
Voice Lessons Sherman Oaks
Voice Lessons

Piano is a versatile instrument that enables one to play in a wide variety of styles, and piano lessons have been the cornerstone of music study for generations.


Lessons are offered to students from 6 years old to adult, beginners to advanced. Weekly 60 and 45 min. lessons are available. Beginners are introduced to basic musicianship, ear training and appropriate physical technique using clear, effective and time-tested pedagogical methods. Intermediate and advanced students focus on the study of repertoire of their choice, harmony and scales.


Students are encouraged to explore both classical and popular music for the piano, and both traditional notation and lead sheet can be taught. Lessons also include improvisation and compositional exercises.  A complete integration of physical ease, mental focus and musical sensibility are the objective of every lesson. 


Student recitals are held twice a year at Mimoda Studio in Los Angeles. 

Lessons are offered to students from 12 years old to adult, and are catered to the needs and skills of individual students.


My technical approach is rooted in the Classical Italian Bell Canto method and Alexander Technique.  Bell Canto enables singers to utilize the full capacity of their vocal mechanism, which in turn gives one the ability to sing in any style with healthy and effective vocal production.  Alexander Technique greatly improves one's posture and breathing habits, and is essential to singing.


Voice lessons incorporate physical preparation and warm up, breath work, vocal exercises, repertoire preparation and acting exercises. Students are taught how to release unnecessary physical tension and how to engage proper musculature to support the voice. Vocal exercises are geared towards the acquisition of optimal diction.

Students are able to choose repertoire from musical theater, popular, folk and classical styles.


Student recitals are held twice a year at Mimoda Studio in Los Angeles.


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