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Student Testimonials


"Roksana is an excellent and empathetic piano teacher. She is knowledgable, positive, encouraging and flexible. Always she listens to my needs and concerns. She finds music with which I can be successful and music to push my boundaries. Playing the piano has become a joy and I am progressing beautifully. I highly recommend Roksana!"  ~Judy Roth



Roksana's voice teaching is centered on the use of consistent technique, where optimal sound comes out of a body that is relaxed and balanced. Her approach is no-nonsense and holistic, always with an aim to de-mysetify singing and bring it into the physical realm. She is a  warm, generous and encouraging teacher. Time spent with her goes by too fast. In addition to her unfaltering musicianship, she brings a wide breadth of knowledge about other subjects--language, physiology, phonetics, and psychology to her teaching.  For us students, there is ever the lesson there that we sing with the entirety of our selves.

 ~ Sara Bencivenga



"Roksana has been an amazing piano teacher for our two young children. She has worked hard to find material that is motivating and appropriate for their level. She is always on time for our lessons and flexible if we need to make an occasional change. The kids love working with her and I have really seen growth in their skills over the last year. I highly recommend Roksana for piano lessons for every member of the family." ~ Krista Ghaman.



I have tried other vocal coaches in the past, but I'm most impressed with Roksana's style and expertise. I have been singing all my life, yet heard improvement very shortly after starting training with her. I would highly recommend her! ~Ali Vassigh




Roksana has been teaching our 8-year-old daughter piano for the last year and a half. Not only is it wonderful that she comes to our house, but my daughter really enjoys their time together and has greatly improved her musical skills. Roksana is patient yet firm, the perfect temperament for our daughter. She also is able to suggest the appropriate level of music based on her skill level. Finally, Roksana organizes a recital twice a year, which is a great experience for the kids. I would highly recommend Roksana as a piano teacher for your children. ~ Jamie Kinsley. 

We recommend Roksana to everyone we know! My two kiddos (12 & 10) have been studying with her over the past 2 years and they have grown so much over that time. She is patient, firm and friendly with them and always has their best interest at heart. She is the best!

~Kristin Campbell

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